Why the elephant in the room

People ask me why I chose the elephant in the room. Well, I love elephant analogies for starters. Also, I wanted to have a blog dedicated to the big blue elephant, PostgreSQL.

I also gotta admit, in my years as a database professional, I find that data architecture is a subject that people avoid. Developers, software engineers, and architects, all want faster queries. But people usually get too simplistic solutions. When people adopt technology without a strategy, they just hope that will work out by itself. The subject of the lack of data architecture becomes the elephant in the room that everybody complains about but nobody really addresses it. So, I decided to grab the elephant by the tusks and address the subject on data architecture.

PostgreSQL as center of your data architecture

The elephant in the room
PostgreSQL – the big elephant in the room

This blog is meant to talk about the elephant in the room, PostgreSQL. I will share with you my experiences working with PostgreSQL and how PostgreSQL can be at the center of your data architecture in your software.

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